July 31, 2009

90th Birthday

Robert M. Morgenthau during WWII

I attended the 90th birthday party of our Chairman Robert M. Morgenthau last night. It was a wonderful celebration for family and friends. One guest remarked that Morgenthau was one of the few people he knew who had to leave work early to attend his 90th birthday. It is indeed remarkable that "the Boss" is still so active and engaged, not only in his day job as Manhattan DA, but also for the benefit of the Museum. Here is the toast I delivered at the party:

Judy and I are honored beyond words to have been invited to celebrate your 90th birthday with you. On behalf of all of my colleagues, I raise my glass to you, Boss, and convey a museum-full of good wishes and affection.

Your impact on all of us has been so rich and profound, it is no wonder that our next exhibition, opening on November 15th, will tell your story and the story of your family. We know that the legacy of public service that inspired you, and to which you have added so remarkably, will move and inspire our visitors as it has all of us.

Thank you for devoting so much of your precious time and prodigious energy to the Museum, thank you for your wise counsel, thank you for the example you have set for us all.


The exhibition that we are working on, The Morgenthaus: A Legacy of Public Service, will examine three generations of the Morgenthau family and their contribution to American life. With the help of Robert Morgenthau and his two siblings, Henry and Joan (both of whom were there last night), we have collected extremely interesting artifacts and stories. More about this wonderful exhibition later.

July 29, 2009

New Homepage Design for JewishGen

We launched a new design for the JewishGen website homepage this week in advance of the annual meeting of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS), which opens this weekend in Philadelphia. If you haven't visited JewishGen, now would be a good time to try it. There is a special introduction for beginners, and the JewishGen FAQs offer a comprehensive guide to getting started with Jewish geneaology.