January 27, 2015

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

NASDAQ Video Wall in Times Square

My remarks at the Closing Bell Ceremony at NASDAQ this afternoon:

Seventy years ago today, Allied forces entered the Auschwitz Concentration camp and discovered evidence of unparalleled crimes – crimes that would shock the conscience of the world and would forever change our notion of the power of humans beings to commit evil acts. 
Emerging from the ashes of Auschwitz were sparks of rebirth and evidence of the human spirit’s resilience and ability to rebuild life and community after great tragedy.  It is no accident that the birthrate among survivors, in displaced persons camps after the war, spiked, illustrating the exponential power of survival.

Although we commemorate the Holocaust every day at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan – honoring those who perished by celebrating their lives and legacies, we join the international community on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day and reflect on what was lost and honor those who survived.