October 10, 2007

Daniel Pearl World Music Days

Idan Raichel

Tonight, we will hold the third in a series of concerts dedicated to the memory of Daniel Pearl and held in conjunction with the Daniel Pearl World Music Days. Israeli Idan Raichel will perform along with Colombian singer/songwriter, Marta Gomez; New African Jazz and Soul artist, Somi; Ethiopian-Israeli singer, Cabra Casay; and percussian master, Itamar Doari. Daniel Pearl's parents, Judea and Ruth, sent the following message to be read at tonight's concert. Daniel would have been 44 today....


We wish we could be with you at the Museum of Jewish Heritage -- A Living Memorial to the Holocaust concert series which they have so kindly dedicated as part of the sixth Daniel Pearl World Music Days, in honor of our son Daniel, his ideals, and his contribution to a better world.

Our deepest appreciation goes to Idan Raichel and all of the musicians, the United Nations Outreach Programme , established to raise awareness of the Holocaust and to help prevent genocide, and the Museum who has been presenting concerts each year in Danny's memory, and to all those who have helped put this evening together.

On October 10 this year Danny would have turned 44. And, as in every year around his birthday, thousands of music lovers all over the world have come together to defy the hatred that took Danny's life, and to reaffirm their commitment to sanity and humanity.

As of today, over 400 concerts in 35 countries have joined our call, from Pakistan to Montenegro, from Jerusalem to Peking, all united in a hymn for tolerance, friendship and humanity.

Danny lived a life that knew no geographical boundaries, with a spirit that knew no prejudice. Through words and music, he communicated friendship, respect, humor and joy wherever his journeys took him. He recognized the power of music to bring people together and used it consistently to build bridges and spread understanding.

In his last words: "My father is Jewish, My mother is Jewish, I am Jewish" he came to personify the historical resilience of the Jewish people, their unwavering commitment to peace and Tikkun Olam, and their amazing capacity to weaving the dignity of being different with the sanctity of being one.

We know that Danny will be watching us tonight, listening to your music as it blends with other voices, placed so far apart, and we can envision him smiling to himself and saying: "This is still my favorite planet; still so much music, so much hope".

And we may say to him: This music is your victory, Danny, the victory of the boldness with which you loved humanity.

It is our victory too, for it empowers us with unity and clarity as to who we are and what we stand for in a world gone mad.

So, mark our words, Danny, and mark our music: Humanity will triumph and Harmony will prevail.

Ruth and Judea Pearl Los Angeles, California

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